Yahoo Data Breach Class Action

Welcome to the Yahoo Data Breach Class Action Settlement Website

A Class Action Settlement has been approved in the litigation against Yahoo! Inc. (“Yahoo”) and Yahoo! Canada Co. (together, called “Defendants” in this Notice), relating to data breaches occurring in 2013 through 2016 (the “Data Breaches”).

If you are a Canadian resident with a Yahoo account at any time during the period January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2016, inclusive, and have not opted out of the class, you are a “Class Member.”

The lawsuit alleges that Yahoo experienced multiple data breaches between 2013 and 2016 (the “Data Breaches”) because it had inadequate data security measures in place to protect account holders’ personal information. Yahoo gave notice of the first breach (which took place in 2013) on December 14, 2016.  Yahoo gave notice of the second breach (which took place in 2014) on September 22, 2016.  Yahoo gave notice of the third breach (which took place in 2015 and 2016) in February 2017.  Collectively, these three dates constitute the “Notice Dates.”

The Settlement has been approved by the Ontario Superior Court and the claims period has now begun. The defendants Yahoo! Inc. and Yahoo! Canada Co. (collectively, “Yahoo” or the “Defendants”) deny that they have violated any laws and deny that they have engaged in any wrongdoing.


The CLAIMS PERIOD HAS NOW BEGUN. You can submit a claim in either Category A or Category B. If you wish to submit a claim, you must complete and submit a valid Claim Form by DECEMBER 27, 2024.

More Information

Additional information about the proposed settlement can be found on the Documents page of this website.